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Our cleaning is of the highest standard with only happy customers in Hobart.

Professional Office & Window Cleaning is always excited about new Clients. If you want a Company that is dependable and honest, call us. When it comes to commercial cleaning in Hobart, call Professional Office & Window Cleaning.

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For commercial cleaning in Hobart, look no further. We at Professional Office & Window Cleaning have been servicing businesses and major institutions for many years. Our services are dependable and fast, and employ a specific family / team enviroment amongst our employees.

Contact us today and find out for yourself. We will explain to you our unique cleaning methods step by step. Once you have experienced our Excellent cleaning services, you'll never want anything else.

Reliable and affordable

Our reliability is uncompromised. Commercial cleaning in Hobart & Surrounds is our specialty. And our clients will will be happy to support our claims. However, they may need prompting about who we are, as we work in the background after everyone has gone for the night, or day, depending on the business schedule. 

Sometimes our clients forget we exist, they only notice that their establishments always have the same clean each new day. 

You can expect the same from our cleaning at Professional Office & Window Cleaning and you may very well be amazed at how affordable we are.  

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Professional Office & Window Cleaning are a combined work force that take our obligations to the public very seriously. When you call on us to do your cleaning work for you, we expect you to forget about us, except when you are promoting our cleaning to someone else.

Try to remember us at Professional Office & Window Cleaning just long enough to give us a call. We will help you forget all of life's other messes, and leave your premises spotless.

We have over 30 Years experience with over 3000 Carpet Cleaning jobs to our credit,

Strip & Polishing vinyl, High Pressure Washing, Height Access Window Cleaning, Sanitising & Fogging surgeries, Licences, all Oh&s requirements, roofing anchor points, static line experience etc..

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